04 May 2021

Does the Quran curse the Jews?

There is no cursed nation in the Quran. There are cursed bad morals, behaviour, mentality in the Quran.
24 April 2021

Is it allowed for Muslims to do yoga or meditation?

Yoga and meditation are basically religious rituals.
11 March 2021

What could we do for a dead person?

The Quran tells us what we can do for a dead person: Pray.
09 February 2021

The Principles of Ruling in the Quran

The Quran didn’t bring any ruling form, including caliphate. The Quran brought timeless, and universal principles about ruling.
25 January 2021

A reverted person doesn’t have to change his or her name

The name should not contradict the principles of Islam.
11 January 2021

According to the Quran there are rules that have to be followed about helping people.

If you want your help to be more valuable and don't want it to be invalid then you should follow these rules.
23 December 2020

In Islam, no information is synonymous with the Quran!

The Quran is the essence of Islam.
12 December 2020

What does the Quran say about hadith?

Hadith means news, word.
29 November 2020

What does Tawhid mean?

According to the Quran, what does Tawhid mean?