26 February 2024

Non-Muslim Countries are Living Best lslamic Values

There are no Islamic Countries in the Top 10 in the Islamism Index results.
02 February 2024

Very Important Recommendations / Warnings for Reverted Muslims

We congratulate you on choosing Islam. May Allah accept you into his paradise. Please take these warnings into account.
22 January 2024

Plucking Eyebrows is not Haram

If practices such as plucking eyebrows, plucking facial hair, etc. were haram, they would definitely have to be included in the Quran.
01 November 2023

The Hikmah is Not in the Hadiths, But in the Quran

Hikmah is not something outside the Quran, but the rules and principles within the Quran.
23 October 2023

Was Prophet Muhammad (as) a pedophile? No

The Quran never accepts the pedophile claim of Muhammad (as) put forward by the traditional understanding.
22 August 2023

What does the verse “Kill the unbelievers where you find them” mean?

at-Tawba [9] is not a verse that contains a general principle, but is about those who made a treaty with Muslims, violated them, and began a war.
14 June 2023

What Does the Quran Say About Houri (Heavenly virgin)?

Hour does not mean a female or a woman or a sexuality in the Quran in any way!
27 March 2023

Which Behaviors Does Allah Curse?

According to the Quan, Allah only curses the behaviors and people that are revealed through revelation.
12 March 2023

The Prohibition of Women Traveling Alone is Against the Quran

The reason why women are not allowed to travel alone is not the Quran, but narrations and tradition.