22 April 2022

The Quran Never Approves Female Circumcision/Genital Mutilation (FGM)

The Quran does not demand circumcision (khitan).
15 April 2022

To follow the Messenger means to follow only the revelations (wahy)

When we follow the messenger, we will be following the revelation that he followed step by step.
26 March 2022

The Ahadith about al-ʿAshara al-Mubashshara are in contradiction with the Quran!

However, when we look at the Quran, it is not possible for such a thing to happen.
18 March 2022

Did Davud/David (as) covet the wife of a soldier under his command?

The source of this claim is the Old Testament, not the Quran.
01 February 2022

Do We Have to Obey Every Word of Muhammad (as)?

According to the Quran we have an obligation to obey only the commands that Muhammad (as) conveyed as a Rasul/messenger, not every word.
12 January 2022

The Quran Never Allows Honor/Honour Killings!

If a woman has betrayed her husband by committing adultery, what can be done is to divorce her. Because the Qur’an does not in any way allow the murder of a woman who commits immorality and cheats on her husband
08 January 2022

Obedience to the Messenger is Obedience to the Qur’an!

Obedience is not to Muhammad, son of Abdullah, or to Muhammad the Nabi (Prophet), but to Muhammad the Rasul (Messenger).
28 November 2021

Turban, Tabard are Arabian Clothes, Not Islamic!

Turban, tabard or robe are not Islamic attire, they are only regional and cultural garments!
15 November 2021

The statement that a woman cannot be a ruler or a head of state is contrary to the Qur’an!

It is not possible to say that a woman cannot be a manager according to the Qur’an.