23 April 2022

According to the Quran, a woman who is menstruating should fast and pray!

The only prohibition regarding menstruating women in the Quran is sexual intercourse..
27 April 2020

Are the bodies of people fasting dehydrated?

The body of a fasting person doesn't dehydrate.
18 April 2020

According to the Quran, why do we have to fast?

According to the Quran there are two reasons why Muslims fast.
05 May 2019

Fasting: What Is Fajr Time?

What Is Fajr Time? According to the Quran, when begins the fasting time according to the Quran?
05 May 2019

According to the Quran, when is the beginning of Ramadan?

According to the Quran the beginning of Ramadan and Eid have to be determined by the Lunar calendar from groups of scientists, not by trying to spot the crescent with the naked eye.