14 November 2020

What is the meaning of Islam?

Islam is a way, which requests surrendering to Allah (taslim) for getting peace on earth (silm) and eternal salvation (salama) in the hereafter.
03 November 2020

Is the world a dungeon for believers?

According to a narration, the world is a dungeon for believers and a paradise for the infidel. However, according to the Quran...
20 October 2020

How Must Muslims React to Disrespect and Insults against the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad?

The tradition determines physical violent actions against disrespect and insults, the Quran doesn’t approve of such behaviour.
08 October 2020

Is the Quran a cure for all diseases?

According to the traditional understanding the Quran should be read for curing all diseases such as heart attack, paralysis, infertility, psychiatric disorder etc.
23 September 2020

What Does the Word “Sunnah” Mean in the Quran?

Sunnah is mentioned 16 times in the Quran, but it is not used even once in reference to the Messenger of Allah.
16 September 2020

Was Monk Bahira, Muhammad’s teacher?

According to the allegation of orientalist scholars the Christian monk Bahira was Muhammad’s teacher. But is this true?
11 September 2020

What does the Quran tell about seafood such as mussels and shrimps and prawns?

The Quran remarks that every kind of seafood is halal.
31 August 2020

What is the Pillar of Islam?

The pillar of Islam is believing in the form of tawhid (iman/faith) and its reflection: amal salih.
27 August 2020

Were the first humans tall?

The Quran doesn’t say anything about the height of the first humans or Adam.