01 August 2021

According to the Quran it’s not a sin to use the left hand!

The Quran has given people the choice whether to use the left hand or not.
23 July 2021

Which Acts of Muhammad (a.s.) Should We take as an example?

The ones we should take as an example are the ones commanded in the Qur'an as a Messenger to Muhammad (a.s.).
06 June 2021

There are three kinds of books / verses which muslims have to read: The Quran, the universe, the human

Reading the Quran is reading the universe
11 May 2021

The Quran doesn’t accept the belief that the first sin was committed by a woman!

According to the Quran, the first sin was committed by the devil, not a woman. The first human who was cheated by the devil was a man, not a woman.
04 May 2021

Does the Quran curse the Jews?

There is no cursed nation in the Quran. There are cursed bad morals, behaviour, mentality in the Quran.
24 April 2021

Is it allowed for Muslims to do yoga or meditation?

Yoga and meditation are basically religious rituals.
10 April 2021

Whoever saves a life, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind

The struggles to save lives at hospitals, intensive care stations, to find vaccines at laboratories, on the streets are very important activities.
11 March 2021

What could we do for a dead person?

The Quran tells us what we can do for a dead person: Pray.
09 February 2021

The Principles of Ruling in the Quran

The Quran didn’t bring any ruling form, including caliphate. The Quran brought timeless, and universal principles about ruling.