28 January 2020

Are the Prophets innocent / infallible?

The Nabis are humans like us. A person with an innocent / infallible attribute couldn’t be an example for us.
25 December 2019

Are women fitnah?

According to the Quran, it is not true that only women are open for trial.
06 December 2019

Why is the Quran in Arabic?

The Quran is in the Arabic language because Muhammed, the Messenger of Allah and the first Muslims were Arabs.
07 October 2019

The prohibition that women can’t make a journey alone, is against the Quran!

In conclusion, according to the Quran, if safety is available, a woman can make a journey for her duty, to travel, or to worship. She can do it alone, with friends or in a group. There isn’t any prohibition.
03 September 2019

What means “breathing dawn?”

What means "breathing down" in the Quran at Surat at-Takwir?
19 August 2019

The Sultan/ruler can’t possibly be the shadow of Allah!

According to the Quran the sultan couldn't be the shadow of Allah on earth.
08 August 2019

As there is no gap, a mediator is not necessary!

As there is no gap, a mediator is not necessary!
29 July 2019

What says the Quran about Friday (Jumu’ah)?

According to the Quran, Friday couldn’t be a free day.
08 July 2019

To read the Quran correctly, it is not the Tajweed that is obligatory, but the Tartil is an obligation!

to read the Quran it is not tajweed, rules for the correct pronunciation, but tartīl, thus reading and thinking about, an obligation. Non Arab’s should read and think about translations of the Quran.