25 December 2019

Are women fitnah?

According to the Quran, it is not true that only women are open for trial.
07 October 2019

The prohibition that women can’t make a journey alone, is against the Quran!

In conclusion, according to the Quran, if safety is available, a woman can make a journey for her duty, to travel, or to worship. She can do it alone, with friends or in a group. There isn’t any prohibition.
14 October 2018

The Quran Forbids Child Marriage

The Quran Forbids Child Marriage. The Quran doesn't allow children to be married off.
30 August 2018

It’s an obligation to treat divorced women well

It is one of Allah's commands to men that they have to treat their spouse well if they are getting divorced or are divorced. Who mistreats women has exceeded one of Allah's borders.