According to the Quran it’s not a sin to use the left hand!

The Quran has given people the choice whether to use the left hand or not.
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What Islam means?

Islam is a way, which requests surrendering to Allah (taslim) for getting peace on earth (silm) and eternal salvation (salama) in the hereafter.
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How Must Muslims React to Disrespect and Insults against the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad?

The tradition determines physical violent actions against disrespect and insults, the Quran doesn’t approve of such behaviour.
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God didn’t order Abraham to sacrifice his son!

According to the traditional expression God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son to test him. However, such an order doesn't take part in the Quran.
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The Quran has abolished slavery!

Slavery had obviously been abolished with the 4th verse of the Surah Muhammad by the Quran.
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What does al-Fath mean?

The surah al-Fath (victory/conquest) wasn't revealed due to the conquest of Makkah!
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What does the Quran say about Caliph and Caliphate?

What does the Quran say about Caliph and Caliphate? The Quran says nothing about a political caliph or caliphate.
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The Quran Forbids Child Marriage

The Quran Forbids Child Marriage. The Quran doesn't allow children to be married off.
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Was woman created from the rib of the man?

Was woman created from the rib of the man? The creation of women in the ahadith tells us that she was created from the rib of the man, are absolutely contrary to the Quran.
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Is This Adam’s Tomb?

According to the Quran, science and logic, it is not possible for this tomb to belong to Adam.

Only Allah Can Give a Fatwa

In Islam, no one but Allah can issue a fatwa because Allah does not share His dominion with anyone (al-Kahf [18] 26).

Don’t forget to close the wells and holes

Don’t let children or animals fall in and die!

Essential Tips for Tourists in Istanbul – Avoid scams – Don’t get ripped off – Worst tourist traps

Very essential insider tips for tourists.

Growing a beard is not a “fard” (Obligation)!

To grow a beard or not is not a religious issue, but a matter left to one’s own choice

According to the Quran, a woman who is menstruating should fast and pray!

The only prohibition regarding menstruating women in the Quran is sexual intercourse..

The Quran Never Approves Female Circumcision/Genital Mutilation

The Quran does not demand circumcision (khitan).

To follow the Messenger means to follow only the revelations (wahy)

When we follow the messenger, we will be following the revelation that he followed step by step.

The Ahadith about al-ʿAshara al-Mubashshara are in contradiction with the Quran!

However, when we look at the Quran, it is not possible for such a thing to happen.

Did Davud/David (as) covet the wife of a soldier under his command?

The source of this claim is the Old Testament, not the Quran.