According to the Quran it’s not a sin to use the left hand!

The Quran has given people the choice whether to use the left hand or not.
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What is the meaning of Islam?

Islam is a way, which requests surrendering to Allah (taslim) for getting peace on earth (silm) and eternal salvation (salama)...
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How Must Muslims React to Disrespect and Insults against the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad?

The tradition determines physical violent actions against disrespect and insults, the Quran doesn’t approve of such behaviour.
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God didn’t order Abraham to sacrifice his son!

According to the traditional expression God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son to test him. However, such an order doesn't...
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The Quran has abolished slavery!

Slavery had obviously been abolished with the 4th verse of the Surah Muhammad by the Quran.
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What does al-Fath mean?

The surah al-Fath (victory/conquest) wasn't revealed due to the conquest of Makkah!
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What does the Quran say about Caliph and Caliphate?

What does the Quran say about Caliph and Caliphate? The Quran says nothing about a political caliph or caliphate.
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The Quran Forbids Child Marriage

The Quran Forbids Child Marriage. The Quran doesn't allow children to be married off.
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Was woman created from the rib of the man?

Was woman created from the rib of the man? The creation of women in the ahadith tells us that she...
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The greatest sin: Shirk!

The greatest sin: Shirk!
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What does the verse “Kill the unbelievers where you find them” mean?

at-Tawba [9] is not a verse that contains a general principle, but is about those who made a treaty with Muslims, violated them, and began a war.

The Names and Attributes of the Quran

Let’s learn the names and attributes of the Quran.

What Does the Quran Say About Houri (Heavenly virgin)?

Hour does not mean a female or a woman or a sexuality in the Quran in any way!

The Form “Allah and His Messenger” Represents Only Allah, Not Two Separate Authorities

Although the Quran uses a pattern containing two different names, “Allah and His Messenger,” it only means Allah.

Which Behaviors Does Allah Curse?

According to the Quan, Allah only curses the behaviors and people that are revealed through revelation.

The Prohibition of Women Traveling Alone is Against the Quran

The reason why women are not allowed to travel alone is not the Quran, but narrations and tradition.

Distinguished features of Muslims

The Quran emphasizes fulfill of principles, but not appearances!

The Secrets of the Otoman Harem (Topkapi Palace – Istanbul)

Let’s discover the secrets of the Harem.

The Conditions of Islam are not 5, but as many as the Commandments in the Quran!

All the orders and prohibitions of our Lord in the Quran are very important conditions for us that cannot be neglected.

The Quran gave women the right to divorce

The authorities decide whether the woman returns the whole mahr or just a little of it (al-Baqarah [2] 229). After it is returned, the woman is divorced from her husband.