23 July 2022

A punishment which is not in the Quran
and contrary to the Quran:
Rajm (Stoning)

According to the tradition, rajm is a part of Islam, but rajm is contrary to some verses of the Quran.
13 July 2022

Are women fitnah?

According to the Quran, not only women, but men, children and property could be a tool of testing too.
23 April 2022

According to the Quran, a woman who is menstruating should fast and pray!

The only prohibition regarding menstruating women in the Quran is sexual intercourse..
22 April 2022

The Quran Never Approves Female Circumcision/Genital Mutilation (FGM)

The Quran does not demand circumcision (khitan).
12 January 2022

The Quran Never Allows Honor/Honour Killings!

If a woman has betrayed her husband by committing adultery, what can be done is to divorce her. Because the Qur’an does not in any way allow the murder of a woman who commits immorality and cheats on her husband
15 November 2021

The statement that a woman cannot be a ruler or a head of state is contrary to the Qur’an!

It is not possible to say that a woman cannot be a manager according to the Qur’an.
08 November 2021

What says the Quran about Friday (Jumu’ah)?

This worship is an obligation for women as well as men.
28 October 2021

The Quran doesn’t allow beating women in any way!

The verse an-Nisa [4] 34 cannot be given the meaning of beating in any way.
02 September 2021

Getting Education and Doing Science is Obligatory for Women too!

Getting education and doing science is an obligation for women too.