20 July 2020

The Quran forbids worshipping paintings/statues, not making them!

The Quran forbids to worship paintings or statues, but doesn’t forbid making them.
12 July 2020

Dajjal did not take part in the Quran!

There’s no knowledge about the Dajjal in the Quran
26 June 2020

What are the differences between Tawhid and Shirk?

The formula about tawhid and shirk.
07 June 2020

The Turban is an Arabic cloth!

Objects like the turban, tabard, and robe are local, regional and cultural, instead of being Islamic clothes.
06 June 2020

What does al-Fath mean?

The surah al-Fath (victory/conquest) wasn't revealed due to the conquest of Makkah!
04 June 2020

What is meant by sealed hearts?

Why are the hearts sealed up? The sealing up of hearts is not the cause, it is a result.
22 May 2020

Allah forbids us to divide or be divided!

It's prohibited to divide and be divided.
08 May 2020

Why is ‘Huwa’, which is the masculine pronoun for Allah, used in the Quran?

The word Allah and His pronoun are counted as masculine.
07 May 2020

What says the Quran about Mahdi?

According to the Quran it is not an obligation to believe Mahdi which took place afterwards.